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Life story of Seme Michael Lado from South Sudan

Seme Michael Lado is 27 years old and comes from South Sudan. He works for We are Able! as a facilitator, helping others with disabilities. SeeYou established an academy that focuses on integrating people with disabilities. Here, young people with disabilities, such as Seme, are trained as coaches. These coaches take the lead in activities to integrate people with disabilities. Within the We are Able! project, these coaches work with organisations of people with disabilities as well as other stakeholders.

Since Seme already has a fair amount of experience, he is responsible for guiding newly hired coaches and the organisations of people with disabilities in carrying out the project.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Seme has acted as an intermediary to draw attention to people with disabilities. He did this via a training course to raise awareness. He also gave interviews to various radio stations, wrote articles, and used social media platforms, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. This led mainstream organisations to become more aware of people living with disabilities and their needs. His focus was mainly on inclusion of women with disabilities in policy, e.g., regarding COVID-19. Thanks to his work and with help from SeeYou, organisations and the government now understand better how important it is to involve people with disabilities in their (public) policy.