We are Able!

Strengthening the position of people with disabilities.

That is the main goal of the five-year project We are Able! in six African countries.

Many people with disabilities in Africa also experience exclusion. For example, when it comes to living or working. With We are Able! we encourage people with disabilities to participate.

We show that they are valuable and indispensable in society. They receive support in their independent functioning. The chance of getting a job or starting their own company is increasing. With an independent income, their position improves and they can fully participate in society.

We are Able! is a five-year programme, launched by six organisations.

Helping people with disabilities achieve a fully-fledged place in their community for better food security.

We are Able! operates in DR Congo, Ethiopia, Burundi, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda.

How a little help can change lives

We know from experience that a little help can change lives. This photo shows a group of people who were helped by one of the projects of the Leprosy Mission. This is a self-help group in Ethiopia. The people used to suffer from leprosy but were subsequently healed, and now they have formed a new type of family. People with leprosy are often rejected by their families and communities because of stigma (“leprosy is a punishment from the gods”) or fear of contamination. In these self-help groups, people support and assist each other, like a family does. They can live with independence and dignity once again.

Latest news

Important reflections at the Addis Ababa Annual Meeting 2023 

The We are Able! programme conducts an annual meeting every year. The 2023 edition was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from Sunday 18 June to Saturday 24 June. The annual meeting was attended by around 40 participants from all countries and structures of the programme. The meeting discussed important topics such as policy change, shift…

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Malachie’s self-esteem improved Through We are Able! training

Now he is running for local leader He felt like nobody. Malachie Siboniyo always thought that he was not the same as other men in his community in Cibitoke, Burundi. He was born with a physical disability in his legs. Not respected within the community and unable to live the same life as other village…

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The ultimate dream: the journey of Alfred to food security

Together with his six children and wife, Alfred (35) lives in Uriama Sub County in Uganda. For a long time, Alfred thought that he was unable to engage in serious farming activities because of his physical and visual disability. “To survive, I was begging for food from family and friends,” Alfred says. For many people…

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