Sustainable Development Goals and disability inclusion

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By VNGI (Association of Dutch Municipalities International), consortium partner of We are Able!

Making members of Parliament aware of the Sustainable Development Goals. That is one of the goals of a campaign setup by several organisations, amongst whom We are Able! partner VNGI. On May 16, a delegation from We are Able! was present during a meeting with Member of Parliament Hülya Kat, who ‘adopted’ sustainable development goal 1 (no poverty) and 2 (no hunger).

The We are Able! delegation asked for her attention of the goals in the light of disability inclusion. “The vast majority of public space and the labor market are still inaccessible for people with a physical disability or mental vulnerability all over the world”, they stated. “This increases the risk of exclusion from the labor market for this group, which could potentially affect food security. It is therefore essential to ensure involvement of experts by experience in decision-making processes.”

Member of Parliament Hülya Kat has indicated that she is open to further conversations about the opportunities of international exchange for Dutch policy and vice versa.

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